With over ten years experience in web and desktop application design and development, I am perfectly poised to help you solve those complex business problems. Be it creating mobile app for your company, a responsive website or a CMS for your next product launch or something more involved such as migration to the Cloud, I can work closely with you from project initiation to go-live (and beyond).

Get in touch if you want to discuss:

Software development

If you’re looking for a bespoke software application for your business I’d be happy to talk to you. With more than ten years’ experience of development in a range of platforms and technology stacks (including .Net, c#, VB, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, WebForms, MVC and many, many more) I can select and apply the most appropriate technology and infrastructure to a problem, then code up the application that will be both intuitive and preformant.

Cloud technologies

Thinking of moving host or want to migrate an on-premise service to the cloud? With experience with both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) I can help you select and implement a range of scalable and flexible cloud technologies that will enable your site or project to grow as fast as you can. I am also an Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect. I can also help with a range of PaaS and SaaS solutions including Office 365 and many other cloud solutions to meet your needs.

Web Design

The web design space moves at an ever increasing space. The advent of HTML5, CSS3 and modern JavaScript means developers can create more immersive sites than ever before. Mixing the creative design process to match your branding needs with the development process to put those concepts into a working website is a passion that I genuinely share.

Mobile Apps

Whether you require a mobile app or mobile website, I have a number of years’ experience in developing sites and applications for various platforms. Mobile is bigger than ever and any new project should at least consider the mobile space – I’m well placed to advise on technical solutions and lead their development and implementation. See the mobile page for more detail, or visit the portfolio page for some examples of my apps.


It’s not merely enough to ensure that your site looks great to people – it has to ‘look’ great to the search engines or you’ll severely limit your audience. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a series of best practices and principles that ensure you do not get penalised by search engines and improve your chances of ranking well with the likes of Google, Bing etc. And remember, anyone who promises to get you to number one on Google and keep you there is feeding you some un-truths! I don’t make that promise, but do promise to provide a semantic, SEO friendly site that adheres to best practice and has the necessary components to ensure the site performs as well as you enable it to.


Looking to move your business to the web? Whether you sell cup-cakes on-line or rent entire properties, I can write you a powerful eCommerce site from end-to-end that will integrate with various payment gateways to ensure your store is given the best chance of becoming the next Amazon.com! Whether you want a store that simply integrates with Paypal for simplicity, or directly with your bank, eCommerce solutions are just a phone call or email away.


I have a broad range of qualifications including a 1st class BSc honours degree, an MPhil and certifications that include Amazon AWS Certified solutions architect, BCD Enterprise and Solution Architecture (inc. honorary BCS membership), Rackspace UCloud certification and more.

Member of the British Computer Society
Rackspace UCloud certified
Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect - associate level

In short, I’m more than qualified to work on a broad range of projects and products from small personal websites to large enterprise solution design and implementation.