Using ng-include in a JADE view

Posted by on Jun 3, 2014 in JavaScript

Referencing angular partials from a jade view I recently ran into a weird problem whereby I couldn’t get a jade template to reference an angular partial using the ng-include directive. I assumed it was as simple as passing in the relative path to the partial view as per: div(ng-include="/partials/featured-courses/") 1 div(ng-include="/partials/featured-courses/") or: div(ng-include='partials/featured-courses') 1 div(ng-include='partials/featured-courses') but this was just completely ignored by Angular – I could see from Firebug that no HTTP request was even being made for this file, so I knew there was some syntax issue here. So I googled it with Bing, as you do, and found this StackOverflow article entitled ‘JADE templating engine does not render ng-include‘. As the answers specify, there’s an odd syntax to getting this working. I followed the guidelines and it worked. The syntax is as folows: div(ng-include='\'partials/featured-courses\'') 1 div(ng-include='\'partials/featured-courses\'') I have no idea why this particular syntax is required – if anyone knows, please feel free to drop me an email and I’ll update the...

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